I have been away from the blog for quite a while haven’t I? This was mostly because I was swamped with work. Most of May and June has been full of have-to’s.  Hopefully this will improve in July, and I have some more time to blog, and more importantly to knit and sew!

Clockwise: 1.Yellow circle skirt I made, 2. Cat, 3. Cows, 4. Yarn, 5. Beads for knitting, 6. Tickets for Alela Diane (!!!!!)
7. Vintage style jumper I was working on, 8. Halla, 9. Nisse

Some crafty stuff did happen though! I didn’t want this to be a photo heavy post so I just made a little mosaic of photo’s I took this past month. As you can see by the amount of photo’s I was quite taken with the “wild” cows. They live in a forest near the Dutch/German border, close to where my brother lives.

In terms of yarn these past two months have been very good. It started with my knitting friends taking me to a not so local yarn store for my birthday (which was in March so don’t worry you haven’t missed anything). Then my parents surprised me with a “yay-its-summer-package”

which consisted of yarn, magical stones, yarn, tichets to see my favourite singer(!!!!), yarn, herb based oil my mother made…oh and YARN. Naturally I have already put them to good use.
Then some of my very favourite designers have published some really cool new designs, with the Coronation Knits book as the star.

So yes I’m still here, and still a happy, busy crafter. I just hope the rest of summer will be more of the crafter part and less of the busy part 😉 I’ll try to post little updates on what’s going on over here more often, starting with later this week to show you a new finished knit! In the meantime I hope you have all been doing well.


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