Day 3: My Crafting Hero’s

Day three of Eskimimi’s Knit and Crochet Blogweek is all about
crafting-hero’s. What designers inspire me, and what stories do they have to tell? 
There are tons of great designers and craft bloggers. Although you might already 
know them, let me introduce you to three of my favourite heroes!

 The Fairy-tale:

Stephanie Dosen of ‘Tiny Owl Knits’
Photo taken from
Deer With Little Antlers Hat

Not only is Stephanie Dosen, more commonly known as Tiny Owl Knits or TOK, a great knitter with original designs, she’s also a very fun blogger, vlogger and talented musician. She seems inspired by fairytales, nature and animals.

Her beekeepers quilt was a hit-pattern among all ravellers, even though I don’t even think it’s one of her best patterns. I’ve made the Ships and Seaside Cowl she designed, the ‘bird wristees’, Deer with Little Antlers hat and the Little Fox Stole My Heart.

Video: Only Getting Better – Stephanie Dosen
The Collector-Salvager 
Susan Crawford of ‘A Stitch in Time’ and Exelana-yarns
Susan Crawford collects old vintage patterns, and salvages them for  future generations. Not only that, she also updates the patterns to accomodate modern techniques and custom sizing. Since traditional 3ply yarn, so popular in the early twentieth century, is now almost  completely out of production, Susan started her own yarn company specializing in exactly that type of yarn.
The Stitch in Time books are based on a book published in the seventies. This book was an attempt to save vintage patterns, but all the printed books were destroyed in a single fire, including the sources needed to reprint it. A few years ago Susan Crawford and the writer of the original Stitch in Time started the process again of finding and collecting the most beautifull patterns from the twenties, thirties and fourties. Last year ‘A Stitch in Time 2’ appeared, this time spanning the thirties, fourties and fifties. A must-have for every knitter that loves vintage!

Made So Quickly
Fair Isle Yoke

 The Knitting Historian
Kate Davies
Sheep Heid, a pattern by Kate Davies, photograph from
 Kate Davies is a great knitwear-designer and blogger from Scotland. She used to work as a full-time historian untill she suffered from a very serious stroke. Although she had to learn everything from scratch again -even walking and, *gasp*, knitting-, she’s picked up her life and resumed to design knitwear and to research the history of Scotland’s knitting heritage. 
The first ever garment that I knitted was Owls, a sweater she designed. It’s a perfect garment for walking through the Scottish hills in the cold spring or autumn winds… Or so I tell myself. She designs many comfortable and warm sweaters, which she photographs on long walks together with her husband or dog, Bruce.
She makes very beautifull fairisle hat’s, like the one pictured above, but also shawls, sweaters and other garments that are worth the knit! She also publishes a magazine, Textisles, on knitting history. Coincidentally, above mentioned Susan Crawford has an article in the latest edition of this magazine! So, read her story on website and be sure to check out her patterns.
Owls, a pattern by Kate Davies I used for my very first garment AND cablework
I hope you’ll love these three as much as I do. 
Want to see more people’s heroes? Google ‘ 3KCBWDAY3 ‘ 
for Eskimimi’s Knit and Crochet Blogweek!

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