Finished project: Orchid Thief

This is possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve knitted so far.I finished it about two weeks ago and I’m really happy with the result, the colour is beautiful. But then again I’ve always really liked blue šŸ˜‰ There are some issues with the pattern though. Not necessarily mistakes (apart from what’s allready published in the errata) but there are a few thing unclear in the instructions that seem to give problems to a lot of people. 

Pattern: Orchid Thief
Designer: Ysolda Teague
Book: Brave new Knits
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock 
Soundtrack for this project:  Laura Marling – Ghosts

Like i said this is not the easiest knit I’ve ever done, not necessarily because the lace was to hard, but at some points the instructions should have been more clear. There’s a lot said about this pattern in the Ysolda group on ravelry and I strongly recommend everyone who wants to make this pattern to read this thread before you start. It gives you an idea of the things that might be unclear in the pattern and probably saves you some ripping.

Also there are errata avaible for the chart, make sure you download it and work from that pattern!


 I myself only had problems with one row, 86. According to the group everyone seems to have problems with that row and in the thread there are different solutions worked out by people on the forum…all different so I’ve no idea how they work out. I personally was helped most not by working the row from the chart but by the written discription. This written discription is not provided by Ysolda but by someone on ravelry who figured it out, and since then has helped a lot of people. It saved me a headache šŸ˜‰ You can find the written discription here.

The pattern states that Ysolda herself barely made it with one skein of malabrigo and I’ve read quite some comments of people who had to buy another skein to finish the bind of so keep that in mind when you start this shawl. I made it with one skein with just a tiny, tiny bit left. Lucky me! Further the yarn was as always a joy to work with.

Yarn I had left.
In the end the pattern may give you some work to understand at some points but the result is worth it. There’s a lot of pattern support in the Ysolda’s ravelry group and the riddle of the orchid thief thread has covered almost everything that might be unclear to you. So don’t let my “warnings” stop you from making this shawl. This shawl is worth the effort.

 Hope you had a nice weekend.

5 thoughts on “Finished project: Orchid Thief

  1. Dear Nisse,

    this is absolutely lovely! I like the colour on you as well, it suits you a lot!
    And I can really relate to the things you've described about the not so clear pattern. It can drive you crazy…
    All the more you can be proud of this shawl!


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