That kind of week

My phone is broken. Don’t ever put your phone in the washing machine…seriously the result is not pretty! Also don’t try to do the laundry when your down with a fever, things like this are bound to happen that way.

The first thing BF said when he saw my phone making flip-flops in the washing machine was: Lucky it’s not the cat. Luckily not!! I was saving money for something…I guess it’s good I didn’t spend it yet because I’m in the market for a new phone now.

Oh and over the weekend there was something with these guys…

Sigh…a few days ago my cats ruined my shoes, I’ve been super ill this weekend and today my phone broke… it’s been that kind of week apparently. I have to make sure I do absolutely nothing to tempt the universe to throw more stuff at me tomorrow… (Aargh! Friday the 13th!)

Anyway an exciting package arrived this week. It was not intended as a cheer up package but has turned out to be one. I have no pictures of what’s inside, not sure if I will make them since outfit posts with clothing I did not make myself are way out of my comfort zone.

Weeee exciting!!

Does anyone else have that problem? I love seeing people style clothing certain ways, especially vintage clothing and I follow tons of blogs that do exactly that. After craft blogs I think those are the blogs I read most. But it’s not something I could see myself do. When it comes to showing things I’ve made myself, making pictures, putting them on the blog; sure, I can do that. But with things I did not make…I just feel weird. Do you guys experience the same feeling? Anyway, end of rant.

Will be back later this week with a finished project post.
Later! ♥

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