Weekend round-up: Finna, Hooping and Game of Thrones

I started a new knitting project:

The green will be the main colour, the different shades
of blue will be used for the colourwork.

So it’s not exactly spring knitting, but the weather has been cold anyway(don’t let the sunny picture deceive you!) and more importantly I could not resist the rowan tweed any longer šŸ˜‰

I choose Finna from the Nordic tweed collection. I love it! It is as if I’m knitting a sweater with moss for cute little pixies. Except…well its not moss I’m knitting with and it’s not a little sweater, I’m making it for myself and not for cute little pixies, sorry guys!!

I went on walks, took finished project photo’s (will come later) and got a wee cold. Boooo! šŸ™ But look, a pretty walk picture!

I started hooping again! It’s probably the fact that  spring has arrived in most places and people are taking their hoops outside and make incredible hooping video’s. With the hooping bug, the whole juggling art bug has come back. It’s there al year, but there’s just something about doing it outside, in the sun on a field of grass that makes it more fun and attractive to do.

My hoop in close-up.

 Maybe I’ll do more post or maybe a video in the future about the hoop/ juggling art if anyone is interested?

This weekend was the premiere of the second season of Game of Thrones. Now I don’t know this from being a fan myself…frankly I have never seen more then a few minutes of it…but BF is a fan…A huge fan. I swear he almost cried at the last episode of season 1! Now I’ve heard some really good reviews of the series, but it is a fantasy series which usually isn’t my cup of tea. I’m more into historic drama’s and detectives(…and anything Laurence Fox appears in). So my question is, has anyone of you seen Game of Thrones? Should I bother watching it?

See you guys later!

2 thoughts on “Weekend round-up: Finna, Hooping and Game of Thrones

  1. You allready know that I like Game of Thrones, so there's no use to advice you on that šŸ˜‰

    I like the fact that spring-circus-fever has caught you as well! Hooping, diabolo, devilsticks, poi, staff…. it's all awesome!
    (and… you can put it on fire!)

  2. I think the first season of the series is really good, like an overview of the 1000-page book (but with cliffhangers!). The second season doesn't follow the second book that good. The producers decided to spice the episodes up with a lot of content from presumably other books. Sometimes I had the feeling that they inserted some invented stuff to make it more exciting, but if you've read the books that's disappointing.

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