On blocking & finished sleeves

The second sleeve of Vashon I was working on is done! Today I have been busy sewing the sweater parts together. Now I only need to weave in the various little ends of yarn and then it’s officially done.
However the weather has been so nice here that I’m afraid I won’t be able to get much wear out of it until winter starts again. Seriously it’s like 10 °C warmer then its normally this time of the year. Oh well, serves me right for starting a bulky sweater so close to spring.

Sleeve in progress.

A few days ago I had a little chat with a fellow knitter on ravelry on blocking. I alway block my various sweater pieces before I sew them together (Uh apart from my seamless knits ofcourse). I’ve always done it that way, but this knitter I talked to, did it the other way around: First she’d sew, and then she’d block.


Now there obviously isn’t a wrong way of doing it but I’m still trying to imagine reasons for the two different methods. I don’t know if it really makes a difference, but to me it seems as if, when you don’t block first, you might encounter problems in dealing with curling edges. Apart from the curling edges I can’t really think of any pros or cons for the different methods but maybe you can! Does anyone out there know what the advantages are of sewing before blocking?

Various sweater pieces I’m working on.

What about you? Do you block before or after sewing?  Does it matter? Any thoughts? 
I had planned to let my brother or dad take pictures of my new sweater this weekend, but turns out I won’t see any of them, but I’ll see if my boyfriend is up for a “finished project” photoshoot during his work break. 
Later! ♥

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