Foxes come out of hiding…

Now…First things first. The lovely Kathrin of Rana & das Rotkehlchen gave  me and the Treehouse an award!! That truly made me very happy and I sparkled all day. She runs a blog written both in German & English so go take a look there if you haven’t already!

Secondly…I didn’t mean to drop of the blog-surface like that! I can’t really offer an explanation other then I’ve been really tired, and just didn’t had the magic to type inspiring things. But now March is here (practically!;) I’m super excited about that because it’s my birthday-month! So lots of fun things planned! šŸ™‚

But now…look what I made!

Pattern: Mini Fox
Yarn: Various odds and ends from my stash in (fennec) foxie colours.
Soundtrack: Bon Iver!!!

I knitted this little fox a week ago and it’s so soft! The knitting took me only a day, and I finished it up the next. It truly was a fast and fun project. Ever since I saw Tiny Owl’s video about the foxes I’ve wanted to make one (or two…or three). The pattern was super easy to follow and I had no problem with it at all (mind you I only followed the instructions for the mini fox, so check ravelry for info about the fox stole!)

 I think it’s a very good pattern for a beginner, the instructions are very clear and for the finishing she provided photo’s which makes sewing the pieces on a piece of cake. That and the quick satisfaction makes this a good pattern for someone who’s just starting out (I think) They would be great gifts as well, quickly made, personal and pretty unique. You can be quite sure the receiver does not have something like it in her/his closet already!

The magnet closure sadly didn’t work for me, because the only magnets I could get my hands on simply weren’t strong enough. Instead, I just used good old snap-buttons. The fox told me she doesn’t mind so we’re okay. Other then that I made no mods in the pattern!

I’ll probably make more of them in the future. They’re so much fun and I have ideas for lot’s of more colours!  Iā€™m going to hexipuff mini foxes! šŸ˜‰ But that’s for later as I’ve started loads of new projecst already! (oh dear)

We sometimes disagree about what we’re going to have for dinner…(he’s new to the veggie diet šŸ˜‰

I’ll be back later this week with some other stuff.
Good night! 

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