When your folks are in town…

You go and take pictures with your dad, of things your mother made for you!

Early in Januari, when there was no snow and the temperatures where almost spring-like, my parents came by. Quite funny to look at these pictures now, when it now looks like mid-winter outside.

My mom had knitted this bag for me, and my dad took the pictures. The bag is inspired by this picture, although my mother made it without a pattern. The yarn it’s made from is 20 year old wool, I inherited from my aunt when I just started knitting. I really like it, it’s made in natural coloured tweedy wool, and the wooden buttons and cord add to this natural feeling. It’s slightly felted, so it doesn’t need any lining. Thanks mom!! ♥

Knitting this bag, and I suppose having a daugther who is a crazy knit lady, made my mother get captured by the knitting bug again. She’s now working on a rowan cardigan for herself and has just bought (gorgeous!!) tweed to make a sweater for my father.

Afterwards, I stole (read: borrowed) my dad’s much better camera to take some new pictures of Jarret, before the boyfriend wears the vest down! (He wears it a lot!)

His hair is so long here! It’s been cut now, but it’s still to his shoulders…

Anyway, I’m adding the pictures to ravelry! I hope to finish Var this week, but my weekend is going to be pretty busy so I can’t promise anything!


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