Lopi, birthdays & cats

Hello dear readers! Guess what: it is snowing in these parts! Who would have thought that we’d actually get winter in Februari! Anyway this post is just a quick recap of what I’ve been doing these past few days.

 Apart from busyness with boring stuff, I started knitting on Var, then came the birthday of the boyfriend, I continued knitting on Var untill we had some friends over for a few days, then I had a short spell of fever, after wich I baked some cookies, gawped at Rowan’s Lace book, and knit some more.

If that’s a lot to take in in such small amount of space, let’s lay it out a bit more. Last weekend I celebrated my boyfriends birthday, and the following days we had some friends over to celebrate together. It was fun, didn’t sleep a lot, but afterwards I had a fever…which was no fun 😉

Thijm was not amused with the amount of strangers in her house.

In the meantime I’d been knitting on Var, an Icelandic sweater, with the Lopi-wool I got for Christmas. It’s nice to knit in the round for a change, after so many vintage sweaters (though I’m itching to start a new one). When I’m done, I’m going to have to steek it, a technique I’ve never used before, so fingers crossed for that…

I love the Lopi yarn, it’s perfect for colourwork, which I’ve grown to really like doing. It’s definately not the softest yarn I’ve ever worked with but it feels very natural and exactly like rural Icelandic wool ought to be, perfect for an woodsy, its-cold-outside cardigan.

I’m still a little bit fever-ish at the moment, but not as bad as a few days ago. Luckily, I’m supplied with the finer luxuries of life to help me get through it: a new knitting book (Rowan Lace),  homemade oatmeal-cookies and Dublin Smog.

Dublin Smog, for those interested, is a lovely tea-variation: make a very, very strong shot of Earl Grey Tea (sort of like how espresso is very strong coffee), add a spoonfull of vanilla-sugar, and top it of with a large dose of frothed milk. You should really try it!

My favourite designs from the book are: Cameo Shawl, Worship and Fine. Though I’m not sure if the last one will work very well with my body type. Speaking of Rowan, did you see the latest Rowan magazine? I really like the retro-inspired designs like this one. The new Rowan brochures have been published as well, of which I only like seascapes, there are some designs in there that I would like to knit, especially this design and this one. They make me want to go and knit with summer yarns! (that feeling dissapears as soon as I look out of the window and am greeted by snow 😉

 So now I’m off to ask King Winter for some more snow…I want to built a snow man…uh cat.

One thought on “Lopi, birthdays & cats

  1. Mooi kopje die Thijm ze kijkt grappig ( wat moet dat allemaal hier in mijn huis ) en natuurlijk het mooie patronen boek een geweldige aanwinst.
    Geniet even van de winter en als er een Elfstedentocht komt, gaan we gezellig kijken. Wie weet kan het deze winter nog.

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