Finished Project: Fair Isle Yoke

It was love at first sight: the fullpage picture of this Fair-Isle sweater in the first a Stitch in Time book.
I started this jumper around the same time I started Jarrett. It took me two months to finish it. Which is not that bad, considering I started and finished another cardigan in between.

I fell in love with the colour combination Susan choose for the jumper in the book, so for my own version I stuck to the same main colour. Which is a rarity for me.

Pattern: Fair Isle Yoke
Orininaly published: Woman’s weekly 1946
Yarn: Drops alpaca
Raveled here
Soundtrack: No soundtrack, but a movie this time. Knitted most of the front while watching 
The Lord of the Rings again for the first time in years.

This is the second jumper I made from the a stitch in time series, surely there will be more to follow! I love this jumper so much already!I love everything about this sweater! The colour, the high neckline, the fair isle part, the vintage feeling, everything! I’ve completed this jumper over a week ago and have worn it quite a bit already.

The fair isle was so much fun to do. I completed most of it in one sitting. There is no chart given for the colourwork piece. I was a bit worried about that, because I had never done that before, but the colourwork was so much fun to do that it made up for not being charted 😉

There’s a lot of ends to sew in, but it’s worth it. It was fun to see the colours and pattern coming together. I first knitted the back and sleeves of this jumper before I did the front, so I had the fun-part saved for last. I love the highneckline, but mind you those who are thinking of knitting this pattern the neckline is on the tight side. So maybe you’ll want to change that if your more comfortable with that.

It is obviously a spring/autumn sweater, but since this winter the weather is very gentle, I didn’t mind making it in the winter.  Now, time for some tea, a grammaphone-record and maybe, just maybe, a few Foyles War episodes to knit on my next project! This jumper just screams “Sam” don’t you think?


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