The cardigan that was not knitted by me…

…but by my friend, Heksenkind! It’s Tyrolean Cardigan by Sarah Dallas, from the book: Rowan Vintage Knits.
I had planned to make this cardigan myself, but hadn’t got around doing it. Then one of my other friends started knitting this cardigan and all of the sudden my need for it was resurrected šŸ˜‰

I met Heksenkind about a year ago, after we had been chatting a bit through ravelry, she asked me if I was interested in meeting up and knit with her and some friends of her. The rest is history! We knit together every week, and regularly meet up for other stuff. (watch historical-drama on BBC!)

Anyhow, about a month ago, something special happened. Somehow, some reason, some time in the evening, we all started fitting on Heksenkind’s Tyrolean. Heksenkind was very happy with her Tyrolean, but she thought it didn’t suit her figure, so me and the others had to try it on. It was all in good fun, but when it was done, it was announced that she wanted to gift me her cardigan!

I’m really happy with the cardigan. As mentioned, the pattern had been in my queue for some time and I was on the verge of casting it on, but Heksenkind’s work fitted me quite good. Plus, it feels like such an honour to wear a garment knitted by somebody else then you!

I wear it quite a lot! I had forgotten how nice it is to have cardigans in neutral colours šŸ˜‰ So thanks to my super sweet friend!!! ā™„


2 thoughts on “The cardigan that was not knitted by me…

  1. ow such a sweet post( blush ) …darn for not seeing it sooner. I'm so happy that you like it and i hope you will feel special and happy everytime you wear it ( and ofcourse others tikes too )

    ((Heksenkind )

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