Christmas yarn

I got quite some awesome yarn on Christmas! So awesome that I wanted to share it here on the blog.

First up: Rowan Tweed or Heritage Tweed. My parents totally surprised me with this yarn, as I never mentioned a word about it to them. They just went to the yarn store and bought yarn that they thought I would like. I don’t have to tell you they succeeded in that do I?

It’s one of Rowans new autumn/winter yarns and it’s so beautiful!!! I’ve always been in love with all the Rowan tweed yarns but this new yarn really takes the cake!
It’s made of 100% British wool and traditionally spun in a mill in Yorkshire. It’s DK weight and can be knitted on needles size 4. 

This green tweed will be the main colour. Colourway: Hubberholme 

Additonally I received 3 different colours of blue to use as a contrast colour for colourwork. I’m not sure what to knit from it yet. Though I do have a few designs in mind. Maybe I’ll knit something from the Rowan Nordic Tweed book, which I have fallen in love with! Have you seen it? I think the design and styling is stunning! You can see more colours of the new Rowan tweed here.

From left to right: Muker, Wensley and Gunnerside. (It’s less visible on the picture, but Gunnerside is actually a far darker blue then Muker.)

Next up is the Lopi wool my boyfriend got me for Christmas. I had no idea he was going to get it for me, though I might have dropped a hint here and there about this yarn šŸ˜‰ I didn’t think I was going to get any yarn from him because he never asked me about amounts of yarn/colours/designs. But he didn’t need to because he ordered me an icenlandic sweater kit!! It’s such a shame there are hardly any shops left (that I know of) that offer this kind of service, since it’s a very handy gift for non-knitters to give to a knitter. BF was pretty anxious about his colourchoice and whether I would like it, but the shop owner had no problem If I wanted to return a colour, which was not needed because I like the colour but I think it’s good such a service exists.

Some of the yarn, with the front of the pattern.
The pattern is called ‘Var’, which is Icelandic for ‘Was’

Icelandic wool is special because of the way the sheep are treated. The sheep are able to graze freely on the grass of the whole island during a large period of the year and chemicals to treat the wool are kept to a minimum. The icelandic sheep are a unique breed of sheep, and have not been crossed over with other breeds of sheep. This made it possible for the wool to envolve their unique combination of inner en outer wool. The outer fibres are long, tough and water-resistant, while the inner ones are fine and soft. Friends, if that doesn’t make a knitters heart beat faster I don’t know what will… šŸ˜‰

From left to right: ‘Beige’ (main colour), ‘Pine Green
Heather’ (dark contrast), and ‘Spring Green
Heather’ (light contrast)

And lastly: Pakucho Fair trade & Ecological cotton from a sweet friend of mine. It’s from Trikoo, a yarn store that specializes in Ecological yarn.

I will add them to my ravelry stash, so go there for more details! And now I have some yarn plans to make.  Later!

5 thoughts on “Christmas yarn

  1. Yes, it's really wonderfull! Especially from non-knitters.

    It does make me feel obliged to give back equally awesome gifts, and I'm usually quite insecure as to whether or not the gifts I buy are awesome enough :$

    Did you get nice gifts as well?

  2. What a wonderful gift! I've been wanting to try that yarn! What do you think of it? Be sure to let me know šŸ˜‰

    I saw on your blog your making the plaid jacket with the Jamieson. Great choice!! (it's in my queue as well!;) Love the colours together!

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