2011 in projects:

I’ve seen a lot of these “year wrap up posts” on various blogs lately and I thought it was fun
to do one of my own on this little blog of mine. So here is my year in (mostly) knit projects:

I made a hat for my brother.
I made Boneyard for my Boyfriend.

My drops cardigan. It’s the second garment I ever knitted,
and my favourite knitted project ever!!

My first colourwork ever.

No longer in Paris, made without a pattern because I couldn´t make the
´$5-in-Paris’-pattern work


I went to Dublin in the last days of May. There I bought the yarn and
the pattern for this Damson Shawl.


Made so quickly.


Ships and Seaside.


Mountain view


Above: Peerie Flooers, beneath: Loxley.

And some sewing:

My skirt for the circle skirt sew-along!!!


It’s funny how this post shows that I’ve crafted so much more
during these last few months then I did in the beginning
of the year. My favourites these year are the Drops Cardigan,
the Mountain view Cardigan and the Damson.
I wish you all the best for the new year!!!

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