A Handknit Romance – Jennie Atkinson

This just screams 20ies Romance!

A little while ago, when I received the ‘Jane austen knits‘-magazine, I spotted an advertisment in there. Now normally I don’t pay attention to the advertisements in magazines. But this one, given the styling (and the pagelong advertising) caught my eye.

‘A handknit romance‘ is a book by Jennie Atkinson, and covers knitwear inspired by the 1900-1930ies!! Which is great because the pre-war era fashion is sometimes a bit shadowed by the more popular 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. I do believe the book also includes some 1940’s pieces (which we all know I don’t mind 😉 I’m especially excited about seeing some 20’s inspired garments. I thougth it a bit of a pitty the vol 2 of A stitch n time doesn’t cover anything earlier then the 30’s (Like vol 1) But instead we got the 50’s, though it’s not my favourite period-fashion like, I can’t really complain 😉

The book will contain 22 patterns and is due in February. Seeing the pictures that are already out there from a Handknit Romance I can hardly wait!!

You might know Jennie Atkinson, as she designs frequently for the Rowan magazines and vogue. She has written one book, Romantic style/Beads, Buttons and Lace (same book, different name) which I believe is quite popular. However I don’t own it myself so I can’t really tell much about it.

Anyway I’m very excited for this book to be published, the pictures I’ve seen so far a stunning and I can’t wait to see more!

This is the advertisement. You may notice that it says “Fourties patterns”, but in all other previews it says 1900’s – 1930’s
 All pictures belong to Jennie Atkinson & Interweave

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