A stitch in time vol 2

This post contains spoilers! So if you haven’t received the book yet and want to keep things a surprise, don’t read!!
My cat was very interested in my package, I honestly had to make a few pictures
and this was the only one without a cat in front of the camera!

So I haven’t been on ravelry much lately… Because I was waiting on ASIT2! Many patterns were allready uploaded, but I didn’t want to see them untill the book arrived… which was at the beginning of this week! It wasn’t shipped with my usual postal service, so I no idea when/whatday/whattime it would arrive. So instead of the regular 19’oclock my doorbell rang at half past eight in the morning.
It was a heavily wrapped package, and inside I found two discount vouchers (Thank you Susan!), a cloth project bag (Thank you Susan!) but more importantly, a two-kilogram, 400-page, hardcover book containting 80×2 vintage knitting patterns (THANK YOU SUSAN!!).

This beautiful jumper is called “One never tires of ribbing”.
Slight problem is, I do tire of ribbing so fast…

About the book: It’s hard-cover printed on ecological paper with vegetable-based ink. I think it’s an improvement on the first book, as it’s much more durable. Holding the book really feels like holding a sacred knitting-bible. Also noted, the reason according to Susan why she chose the postal service was also ecological. So basically, it’s a vintage-ECO-knitting book. Perfect!

There are some chapters about finishing, vintage fit and some other info. Throught which I learned that my body type is most “suitable” for (late) 40’s clothing. Which is great since it’s my favorite period!

♥ Fair Isle Jumper & Cardigan twinset. ♥

The styling of the book and the garments is magnificant. Being on ravelry and following the blog of Susan Crawford, I’ve followed her and her team though the whole process and know how difficult and tiredsome it was for them at some points. I’m sure though that they couldn’t have been more proud with the end result.

One little thing that I really liked about the first book was that with each garment the knitters name was included. In my opinion that was one of the things that showed me it was really a project by knitters. They left that out in this book due to the modisty of some of the knitters I’ve understood, but I do hope Susan & co are going to restore that in further books by them!

If you know the background of the book and everybody working on it, you still see how much everybody is involved. The models aren’t just random people ‘ordered from a catalogue’, but are all people who themselves are very active in the vintage and/or knitting scene. For example Fleur de Guerre, model for a stitch in time vol 1, who runs the famous diary of a vintage girl blog.

The book itself is packed with beautiful garments representing the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. The beautiful Theodora has returned to be a model for this volume as well as the two models from vintage gifts to knit. You can find pictures of the patterns here, or on raverly.

The Tri-Cable Stitch Jumper
(which is, indeed, a cardigan)

There are so many patterns I want to knit from this book! It really is a problem, because I can’t make a decision on which to start first! (not to mention my enourmeous queue of things I already plan on making) I tried to make a list to pin it down to five, and choose one of those but all of the sudden whoops…I had more than 15 patterns on my list! Now how did that happen? Some of my favourites include: Trimmed with Roses twinset , Charming Neckline, Tri-Cable Stitch Jumper, Plaid Jacket and Cap, Colourful Winter Sports Outfit and….and…

Next step is ofcourse choosing the yarn! Some of the patterns are knitted in Excelana. The new yarn brand by Susan Crawford, and is discribed as Vintage yarn for fashion lovers. I’ve been meaning to try the yarn, I mean who wouldn’t with such a briliant tag line. However the colours I had my eye on were a bit different seeing them knitted up in the book then I had imagined. Since there are no yarnstores nearby (make that not even in my country) that carries the yarn I can’t check it out in real life. Thi summer they’ll bring an 3 ply weight yarn on the market which is unique in the world of knitting so I am pretty excited about that.

A Stitch In Time trailer, shot on a photoshoot for the book. By Scott Willis. Pictures above belong to Susan Crawford, except for the first picture.

If you’ve been thinking about buying the book, but aren’t sure: I can really recommend it.
So what are you’re favourite patterns? Have you unlike me been able to choose a pattern to start with? Tell me tell me!! 😉

One thought on “A stitch in time vol 2

  1. Ok, I want to make:
    Tri-Cable Stitch Jumper
    Simple, But So Attractive
    Trimmed with Roses Cardigan
    Blouse with Gathered Neckline (if it wasn't knit in cobweb…)
    Charming Neckline
    Dinah's Lacy Jumper
    Fair Isle Cardigan
    Lady's Evening Jumper
    Warm Jumper
    And of course the plaid cardigan, but that one isn't on Ravelry yet!

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