Weekend round up

Just a little post of what I was up to this weekend….

Knitting on new projects:

Even though new patterns are on it’s way to the treehouse I’ve started a few new projects, and by the coming of the next weekend I’ll probably have started a few more. Have you noticed that the past few weeks lot’s of great pattern books have been published? Obviously I’m very excited about A stitch in time 2, but Scarlet, the new Kim hargreaves book and Jane Austen Knits, an interweave production have triggered my enthusiasm as well!

 Took pictures of some of my stash.

 And got some help from Thijm-cat 

Convincing myself that it’s fall, though the weather it actually quite nice for this time of the year!

And watching the start of the speed skating season. It’s like one of the biggest sports where I live! Interesting National Championship: lot’s of unexpected wins ánd losses.

I’m so excited for the coming week! Susan, author of a stitch in time 1 & 2, said the new book would probably arrive in Europe this week!!! I can’t wait! They’re adding the patterns to ravelry and you can find a lot pictures on her site. I’m delibrately not looking at those sites, to maximize the joy of unpacking my own book when it arrives!

What have you done this weekend? Are you looking forward to something? 

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