Finished Knitting: 7 days till Samhain

Do I really need another orange sweater? Ofcourse I do! This was such a fast knit, it took me only seven days to finish this sweater. I never knitted a garment that fast. I stuck to the same colour palette the designer chose for this design, because I really liked that combination.The pattern was well written, easy to follow and not hard to knit. So even if you’re a less experienced knitter you could still give this pattern a go.This pattern is really easy to modify in shaping etc, Jessika encourages this in the pattern and even gives you some tips. So if you’re less expirienced in changing a pattern you could still do it I think.

Book:  7 Autumn Sweaters for the Bohemian-Inclined Knitter (ebook)
Yarn: Annell Malmedy
Soundtrack for this project: Bruce Springsteen & Tom Morello – Ghost of Tom Joad (and the rest of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame concert)

For the buttons up front I used buttons I took from a store bought cardigan that I didn’t wear anymore. Re-using is good!! I think they really suit this sweater! Oh and best of all: this pattern has thumb holes!

The designer is passionate about animal welfare, which suits me as an environmentalist very well.
Jessika has done a lot of volonteer work for animalrights in Asia. She has worked in Tibet, taking care of stray dogs and now works in New Dehli, to campaign against a large corperation starting a daory factory that will harm the environment, peoples livelyhoods and animal welfare. Jessika is one of those lesser known designers, who deserves a bit more attention for her designs! By buying her patterns you support her in being able to continue her work for free. She has a design called Kathmandu, which I plan on making in the summer! 

– I didn’t do the rib pattern on the sleeves, instead I did a stripe pattern in colour c. 
– I included shaping in the sleeves.
– Because I didn’t do the ribbing on the sleeves, I didn’t do the ribbing on the lower part in dark brown either. I did try it but it looked a bit odd, so I ripped it.
– Made some changes in shaping, for the bust. 

If you have any questions about my modifications, feel free to ask!

 I hope your having a lovely weekend! Till next time!

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