“Oh the Women”: Pictures of Suffragettes

Frontpage article of the Seattle Sunday times on a national gathering of Suffragettes, June 27 1909
Working Class women marching in London, 1911

During the Great War many suffragette-groups stopped their campaign to support the war-effort

But not all suffragettes: These women in New Jersey campaigned for women’s rights in 1915
This is Suzanna ‘Suze’ Groeneweg, who became the first Dutch MP in 1918, for the Social-Democratic Labour Party.
This was one year before Women’s Suffrage was approved, and three more years before they actually had a chance to vote.

This is Sylvia Pankhurst, a very militant British Suffragette. She started of as the leader of a local suffragette group in East London. Her local group split off the main group and helped form the British Communist Party. She was very active in anti-fascism and anti-colonialism, as seen in the right picture. 

Suffragettes let themselves be imprisoned regularly to keep the movement in the news

Aren’t these pictures of passionate women beautiful? Lately I’ve been gushing over 1900-1920 pictures, particulary those from the women Suffrage movement. I hope you enjoyed them too!


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