I started this project, when my boyfriend asked me to knit him a scarf/cowl too when I finsished my ships and seaside. Initially he wanted me to knit him a ships and seaside too, but I convinced him to search ravelry first so he could decide if that was the pattern he wanted me to knit for him. A hour later he had forgotten ships and seaside and was all about this design 😉

He went to out LYS and chose the yarn and colour himself. It took me a little longer to finish because I ran out of yarn when I was almost finished! Gah…

Pattern: Loxley
Designer: Stephen West
Yarn: Annell Malmedy
Soundtrack for this project:The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

He likes it! He has already been wearing it a lot, so that’s a good sign 🙂 It’s an interesting design, combining a hood with a shawl. Since temperature has dropped quite suddently (a few weeks ago), he actually wore this inside the house instead of putting the heating on. 😉

I really like the fact that Stephen West, the designer of Loxley, tries to bring more variation into male knitwear. That said, not all of his designs are my cup-of-tea, but this one I really loved.

Taking pictures for two FO’s at once rocks!
 Hope you had a good weekend!

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