Finished knitting : Klein Blöm

  This project was so much fun to knit, and the result is so cute! I finished this hat in under four days which is pretty nice for someone who mostly knits garnments with needle size 3. Also I’m not the most experienced colourwork knitter out there so maybe you’ll knit it even faster!

Little flowers on my head 😉
I despirately needed a knitted hat, I have knitted three hats before, but I lost one and the second I never wear. I think I’ll frog it and knit something new with it. Then obviously, theres “Deer with little antlers”, but that one’s for special occasions 😉 I have one woolen hat that I wear a lot during the colder months…but it is bought, and I just couldn’t justify that to my knitgroup 😉 So when Kate published this  pattern I thought “why not give it a shot”, since I wanted to practise my colourwork skills a bit more, before I’d dive into things to quick. 

Designer: Kate Davies
Yarn: All sorts of leftovers including: Malabrigo, annell super extra, and some yarn I inherited from my grandma.
 Soundtrack for this project: Pencil revolution – Schradinova

If you want to try this as a first colourwork pattern I would totally recommend it. Most rows the colours alternate quite a lot, which is easier with stranded knit work and for the crown shaping Kate has an exellent blog post in which she explains various ways to shape the crown, including the one she uses in this design.


Note on the title: Peerie flooers means “little flowers” in Shetland dialect, which is what this pattern is called. Klein Blöm = Kleine bloempjes = little flowers in my regional dialect.
I meant to post this sooner, but I’ve been struggling with a cold among other things. Still enjoying the weather though! I hope you’re enjoying the changing of the season too!


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