Circle skirt: Finished

 It’s done! This sew along surely was a good way to keep me motivated to make the skirt, since I’m really more of a knitter then a I’m a sewing fan. In the end I’m quite pleased with the result.
You can go and read my inspiration post for this skirt here. In short my inspirations were: suspender skirts, the fifties and navy.

I really like blue…can you tell? 😉

I used navy blue cotton I bought at the market. I was able to cut the base of my skirt in one piece, so I had no side seams. Since I had no side seams I used the slash opening zipper technique, which was a bit fiddeling  because it was my first time using this technique. But in the end I’m very pleased with how it looks.

For the waisband I used the sew-in method, and attached the waistband to the skirt just like Casey has instructed in her post.

Paired with a cardigan knit by me.

The hemming…I don’t know about you, but I happen to think that hemming a circle skirt is close to sewing hell. I tried a few times to get it just right, so it took me painfully long, but in the end it looks alright.
Apart from the instructions from Casey I used these video’s : 1 & 2 over here.

For the suspenders I first measured how long they needed to be and sewed them with some interfacing inbetween. They’re attached to the skirt with buttons. I intend to sew a pettycoat somewhere in the future too, but haven’t had the time to make one yet.

In the end, it’s not bad for a first time circle skirt. Many thanks to Casey for holding the sew along!

There will be a circle skirt party over at Casey’s blog on octber 10th,  in which she will show lot’s of skirts that have been made in this sew along! So go take a look there coming monday. I can’t wait to see what the others made!

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