Circle skirt: Inspiration

Since my circle skirt is almost finished. I thought it would be nice to make a little post about my inspiration for this skirt, which you can hopefully see back in my skirt.


Suspender skirts: 

Normally I’m more drawn to 30’s and 40’s fashion, but for this skirt I wanted a more fuller look from the 50’s, with their big poofy skirts and oversized pockets. My obsession with suspender skirt began half a year ago when I found this perfect pattern for a forties suspender skirt on etsy, unfortunately the pattern was not nearly my size, and at that moment I hadn’t enough confidence in my sewing skills to try it out ( I still don’t know if I have that confidence) Since that moment I have been gushing over various suspender skirts with the idea to make one myself. Casey’s sew along was the thing to motivate me to make that pile of fabric I had laying around into a nice lovely circle skirt.

Source 1 , Source 2


I love navy blue, everytime I’m deciding on a colour in DIY-land navy blue is one of the options. I just can’t help myself. I think it’s started when I was 5 and our family had just moved into a new house. My mother had painted all my bedroom walls blue and I clearly remember myself looking at it and saying “That’s not blue enough”.

Source 1, Source 2: WWII recruitment poster
This picture:

Now I’m not a huge Monroe fanatic (don’t get me wrong I do like her, I’m just not obsessed with her) but when I first saw this picture I knew I had to have one of them circle skirts too.

I’ll be back soon with finished project pictures!

2 thoughts on “Circle skirt: Inspiration

  1. Oh gaaf! Ik ben benieuwd!! Ik wil hierna ook nog een suspender skirt maken gebasseerd of op een half circle skirt of op een A line en dan in donker groen of bruin (ribstof??) 🙂

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