So…. What IS in a treehouse, actually?

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  • Four cats, a wolf, and one or multiple families of mice
  • Enough eco-cotton yarn to giftwrap the tree
  • A suitcase filled with ‘Dear Pippi’-letters
  • Enough Alpaca-wool to giftwrap the allready wrapped tree
  • Janis Joplin – or so they claim – 
  • A white, vintagestyle bed
  • Under the bed, there’s nothing. DO NOT look under the bed
  • A solar-powered Illusion-generator
  • A Raven and a writingdesk
  • Tatted lace
  • Never enough dresses.
  • A half-circular horizontal transportationsystem (a swing)
  • A jar of modge-podge 
  • A clock working on owl-power.
  • A purple flying bike called ‘Louise’ who may or may not posses the power of flight
  • A hitherto undiscovered civilisation of gnome-people who have just recently reached the iron-age. Give them a round of applause!
  • Pixiedust
  • A tree
  • A painted spinning wheel

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