Jane T-shirt

Part of the reason to have this blog is to have log of everything I make. Yet, I almost didn’t blog about this latest project. Not that I consider the project a failure, quite the opposite. However, the project is a simple T-shirt, and I […]

What’s going on

The past two weeks or so I’ve been struggling with what’s probably the worst fever I’ve had in years, and I’m still stuck with a stubborn cold that just won’t go away. Struggling with fever, cold and spring allergies, all while spring weather has come […]

Driftless cardigan

It’s been a while since my last blog post, I’ve got a lot going on at the moment. I’m working on my research and dissertation and I’m also trying to figure out what I want to do after all this, all this being my life […]

On to the next!

Hello everyone! So, that’s almost a wrap on 2016. Traditionally, I end the year with a long wrap-up of everything I made and an extensive list of things I want-to-make. Like you, however, I’m anxious to see the back of 2016, so I’m bringing you […]

Graduation Dress

Last week I had my Bachelor degree ceremony. Officially I’ve had my degree for a while, and I’ve already started my Master’s level, but due to an endless stream of paperwork, and lots of stuff that needed to be organized, it took until now to […]

New equipment

The Treehouse sees a coming and going of gnomes, elves and pixies, but a recent arrival has made such an impact on life here at the Treehouse that her existence cannot not be mentioned here. Admittedly, ‘recent arrival’ is not that recent per se, as […]