First weeks

Dear friends, My week was an absolute whirwild of things! Luckily this weekend was lovely, busy but lovely. The first few weeks went well. Really well.  You know as first weeks go…because there’s always this sense of ackwardness going on when you just get to know your studymates, […]

Some weeks….

This has been of one of the strangest weeks in my life. I don’t think I have ever felt so much different emotions in one week… This was my first week at my new university. I will write a post about my experiences, thoughts and […]

Day 3: My Crafting Hero’s

Day three of Eskimimi’s Knit and Crochet Blogweek is all about crafting-hero’s. What designers inspire me, and what stories do they have to tell?  There are tons of great designers and craft bloggers. Although you might already  know them, let me introduce you to three […]

That kind of week

My phone is broken. Don’t ever put your phone in the washing machine…seriously the result is not pretty! Also don’t try to do the laundry when your down with a fever, things like this are bound to happen that way. The first thing BF said […]

The birthday post

Hiya! So guess what happened during the radio-silence? My birthday that’s what!. Past weekend I was busy celebrating it with friends & family, which was nice. My best friend came over, which was cool since she doesn’t exactly live in the neighbourhood so we don’t […]

Teeth on Ice

So guess what…I lost a piece of my tooth today. Now I could go and tell you about that one incident involving jungling balls and unexpected flying knives…but nobody is interested in that right? So instead I’m going to show you what my world has […]