Fair isle: Men

Blame the start of real autumn weather, but lately I’ve been obsessing over fair isle sweaters. And the best fair-isle is, without doubt, vintage. I can browse page after page looking at the colourcharts, the patterns and the pictures. Curiously though, do you know what the best vintage fair-isle patterns are?

Image source & Pattern for sale

 Mens Faire Isle Slip-overs! Alright, obviously I’m even more in love with patterns I can wear myself, it’s just that for me currently these things are my obsession. A lot of people tell me I should go and watch ‘Madmen’ when I talk about male vintage clothing, but honestly… I’m not interested in television-series, I just want to knit those slip-overs!
I’m mostly into the 40’s patterns, which is not unusual since that is my favorite period for women vintage knits too.

I’m thinking about knitting one for my boyfriend, if I can convince him to wear it…Most of them are knitted in fingering weight yarn so they just scream “a lot of work!!!” which I totally wouldn’t mind if he would wear it 😉 Also said boyfriend is ridiculously slim, so there could be some work involved into recalculating measurements etc. I’m still not sure what he thinks about them: apparently he’s fine with fair-isle, as long as its (quote:) “not reindeer or snowflakes or tiny people or that kind of stuff”. I guess that leaves room to knit, right?

Same source as above

So have you knitted something for you’re significant other? And more important was there a sweater curse?

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